Majestic picture of a human using Cursor.

Humans should focus on bigger problems.

Human history is a story of capabilities and tools.

New capabilities are rare. They're often discovered rather than invented. In the early ages, we got fire. In the 1800s, we got electricity. In the 1900s, we got computing. And in the 2000s, we are getting artificial intelligence.

Tools are invented. They operate on a shorter timescale. They are how humans interact with our capabilities. They are about details and craft and enjoyment for their user, as well as expansion and nurturement and real-world applicability of their underlying capability.

Tool builders take a capability and turn it into something useful and enjoyable to make the world better.

We are tool builders. We're taking AI, and we're turning it into something useful and enjoyable to make the world better.

Concretely, we're building Cursor. It's our attempt at a new way to write code. We're early, so don't expect too much. But it's the start of something that we think will both radically increase productivity and be immensely enjoyable to use. If we succeed, it will mean the reallocation of human intelligence toward greater and greater problems.

We're excited. If you're excited too, please reach out to us at, or read our funding announcement here.

Aman, Sualeh, Michael, Arvid, and the entire (tiny) Anysphere team