Majestic picture of a human using Cursor.

Research Engineer

Anysphere. San Francisco, United States.


  • We're building the future of coding, starting with an AI-first code editor: Cursor.
  • Our team is small and talent-dense.
  • We're growing very fast, and our lead investor is OpenAI.
  • We're in-person in a beautiful office in North Beach, San Francisco.


In the next few years, we'd like to build a code editor that is more helpful, delightful, and fun than the world has ever seen.

Cursor should be a place where it's impossible to write a bug, where you can whip up 2,000-line PRs with 50 lines of pseudo code, and where you can get any codebase question answered instantly.

Getting there will require pushing the state-of-the-art of coding AI.

Past projects have included:

  • State-of-the-art next-edit-prediction models
  • Fast code rewriting through domain-specific speculative inference
  • Continuous retraining using feedback data and RL
  • Privacy-preserving context caching
  • Custom reranker models trained from tournament data
  • ... and much more


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