Majestic picture of a human using Cursor.

Design Engineer

Anysphere. San Francisco, United States.


  • We're building the future of coding, starting with an AI-first code editor: Cursor.
  • Our team is small and talent-dense.
  • We're growing fast.
  • Our lead investor is OpenAI.
  • We're in-person in a beautiful office in North Beach, San Francisco.


Product design is mission critical to what we do.

To us, designing the best possible product isn't just about aesthetics. It's about the feeling when you use it. We're building a tool that most of our users use for 8+ hours every day. We care about the full experience, and every little detail matters.

Integrating new, powerful AIs into programming workflows will require considerable UI/UX innovation. We're excited to bring on a design engineer to create this future with us.

You will:

  • Lead design.
  • Ship fast and care about craft.
  • Solve these problems.
  • Experiment with a completely new UI/UX paradigm: how to interact with AI.


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