We raised $8M from OpenAI.

Programming is about to change. Significantly. With $8M from OpenAI and $11M in total funding, we hope to play a big part in this change. If you want to help create a truly magical tool that may end up writing most of the world’s software in a few years, you should join us.

We’re Anysphere, the team behind Cursor. In the next few years, we’d like to build a code editor that is more helpful, delightful, and fun than the world has ever seen. Cursor should be a place where it’s impossible to write bugs. An editor where you whip up 2,000-line PRs with 50 lines of pseudo code. A tool where you get any codebase question answered instantly. Perhaps even an interface where the source code itself starts to melt away…

We’re a long way away from this. A lot of tricky engineering and research and clever product thinking is required to get us there. That said, it is possible, and this is the first time in history that that’s been the case. If we’re successful, we’ll redefine what it means to program and help developers all around the world focus on bigger problems.

To help make this vision a reality, we’re building a small team of highly talented technologists, researchers, and engineers. You will join a group that’s been programming since middle school and loves engineering and AI more than almost anything else. You will solve these hard problems. And you will enter an environment that’s exhilarating, where you’ll be given the autonomy to do the best work of your life.

We’re excited about the future of software engineering. We’re especially excited that we’re the ones to build it. If you’re excited too, email us at hello@anysphere.inc, or DM any of us.